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Periodontal Care

Side by side drawings comparing a healthy tooth with another tooth suffering from periodontal diseaseWhile exams and cleanings go a long way in protecting you from cavities, these treatments are not enough. That is why our professionals at Douglas A. Block, DDS & Charles G. Kocun, DMD also include gum disease prevention as part of your care plan. Regular periodontal care can protect your teeth and gums from the harmful consequences of gum disease.

The Risk of Infection

Having poor dental hygiene means you are putting yourself at risk for bacterial infections stemming from gum disease. Because of gum disease, the infection has access everywhere as soon as it enters your bloodstream. You can be certain that the bacteria will not stay in one place.

In order to have a better understanding of the bacteria, it can be compared to plaque. With plaque, it builds up over time on the teeth. This is the same way that the bacteria works when it enters the blood.

With the bacteria possibly causing other health problems, having added stress may not help. Having increased stress could cause a weakening in the body's ability to protect itself. The system most often affected will be your immune system.

The Oral Entry Point

Having the mouth as an entry point is not a good thing when it comes to gum disease. This is especially true when gum disease is caused by a bacteria. This is why you should make every effort to keep up with your oral health and stay as healthy as possible.

You will be at a disadvantage when there is bacteria because your oral health will be affected. Fortunately, with the risks known, such as the amount of damage that can be caused and how the body reacts to inflamed gums, then a treatment can be created. Having this knowledge in time will help reverse the effects of gum disease.

There are many in the dental field who believe the bacteria is able to deteriorate the actual bone, which causes gingivitis and ultimately tooth loss. This may have some truth to it because of the toxins that the bacteria contain. As the bacteria enters the body, the inflamed gums act as the immune response that produces more white blood cells that will fight off the infection.

The Immune Response

With the immune response by the body, it is able to produce more of a defense against the bacteria. In order for the defense to begin, it will produce inflammation in your gums. This inflammation will be the source of fresh blood that is packed with new blood cells. When bleeding occurs, it will be the result of the fight against the infection.

Having gum disease can be an alarming concern and if you think you have gum disease and have inflammed gums, then you should get in touch with us here at Douglas A. Block, DDS & Charles G. Kocun, DMD at (732) 536-2482. We can help you with all the maintenance and care you will need when it comes to gum disease.

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